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Individual Counselling

Counselling is a process in which a person works closely with a counsellor on issues that may be causing distress in their lives. Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about problems and feelings, in an environment which is safe and confidential.
Counselling can help with problems like:
• Depression
• Major life events
• Conflicts
• Stress
• Physical illness
• Sexual, physical and emotional abuse.
Counselling helps a person to explore what is going on and to make sense of their confusion so they can reach their own decisions.

Couple Counselling

We work with couples and individuals to provide a safe environment where spouses and partners can express thoughts and feelings, that may be very difficult to express in the home or may lead to conflict and further difficulties at home, in a calm, measured and safe environment.

This can lead to spouses and partners gaining further understanding of themselves, their spouse and partner, and their situation, which can in turn lead to better communication, an improved relationship and better management of existing difficulties and those that may arise in the future.

Teenage Counselling

Young adulthood can be a very challenging time. There are many challenges to face, and while many of them can be positive life events, such as going to Secondary School or College and starting relationships, you will have more responsibility and choices to make than ever before.

Young adults can feel overwhelmed even if things are going fairly smoothly, but if something has troubled you in your past or not gone as you had expected it can cause you to struggle all the more.

Taking the time to talk through your concerns at this time in your life can help you to understand how you past experiences are affecting you now.

And put your situation in perspective and think about what you want for your life.

Parents if you are worried about your teenager and they are not ready for Counselling, our counsellors can help you help your teen until they are ready to look for the help they need.

Family Mediation

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Contacting a counselling service can be daunting, all our telephone calls and enquiries are treated with the strictest confidence. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and if you would like to explore counselling further we can arrange an initial meeting.

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